Top Products for hosting the European Championship at your venue

14th May 2021 in Printing Processes

Top Products for hosting the European Championship at your venue

The clock has struck 5:30pm and that’s it for another week. The Friday feeling is amongst us and we can already feel that sweet feeling of not having to set an alarm or prepare our small talk about weather, traffic and tonight’s dinner.

Now the summers here and Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted thankfully. We know what that means. Every night, for the next seven weeks ……. Love Island Football.

Here are the best ideas for you to host a European 2021 night at your venue. Whether you are a business owner and treating your staff, or a club house hosting a night for your men’s and women’s team.

Whether its Grealish, Rice or Mount in the middle, or Sancho, Sterling or Rashford on the wings. What if it’s a back three?

One thing for sure is that here at EverythingBranded, we have you covered.


Shot Glass (Full Colour Print) 
Shot Glass

In the UK alone, we down tens-of-millions of shots every year, whether that be in celebration of certain events or as a warmup for a heavy night.

Those numbers skyrocketing during major events, such as those involving a ball and national pride being on the line, we may want to settle those nerves or even drown our sorrows.

You can drive awareness to your brand/ venue or event by including a full colour logo on the shot glasses and can be re-used and not broken as they are plastic glass which are more lightweight and anti-shatter.


Full Colour Beer Mats
Full Colour Coaster

“Sometimes the best ideas come on the back of a beer mat.”- Sir Richard Branson.

Display your love and joy for the Three lions as well as market yourself in a unique but clever way with full colour beer mats.
With both sides being able to print on and a full colour edge-edge print display, this is one of the cheapest, but best ways to get yourself out there and keep your worktops clean and tidy.


Paper Bunting

Triangular paper bunting being displayed across the pub and a packet of crisps on display with the sun beaming in through the windows. Screams World Cup 2002, doesn’t it?

Display your company brand as well as support the boys with a custom-made Paper bunting which can be used indoors or out and can be printed in full colour. This is sold in 10m lengths with 24 pennants.

Coaster with bottle opener Algeciras White
Coaster Opener
An elite idea of a gift would be the Funfaye Coaster which possess a non-slip sponge base as well as a bottle opener. Perfect for beer drinkers within your establishment, this would be one of the best investments to make as well as an intelligent and unique product to brandish your company’s logo.


Fiesta ball & straw
Fiesta ball
Simply yet effective item, especially for your venue and when a Jack Grealish thunderbolt sends us to the final, we will want to celebrate in style. The fiesta ball & straw allows your guests to mix their Beveridge’s and with a 580ml capacity, perfect for blending alternative drinks and creative flavoursome cocktails.


Disposable pint glasses
Plastic pint glass

With certain restrictions being in place over the European championships, many of England fans will be supporting from outside in the glorious sun, but with the pub benches and canopies’, disaster tends to occur with smashes even stolen glasses.

However, with recyclable plastic cups that can be a issue for another day as it removes the possibility of smashed glass or even worse and can be customised with 4 spot colours.


White Standard Tee 175GSM

White tee
An effective way of marketing your company would be the handing out of custom t-shirts with your brand. We’ve all got them free tops from a boat party of a wild foam party so why not hand out a branded t-shirt from your bar to give those memories an everlasting feel of when Harry Kane lifted the European Championship in 2021!

Latex Balloon


Balloons always bring fun and always add that extra décor your venue needs. Displaying your company or brand as well as your support for the three lions, Latex balloons will always work in your favour as they can be fun for kids and make a great decoration.