Fancy a tipple? Check out our promotional glasses

26th October 2016 in Printing Processes

Fancy a tipple? Check out our promotional glasses
promotional glasses

Quinn Dombrowski, Flickr, Promotional Glasses.

Custom Promotional Glasses – A perfect way to relax and wind down

We’ve all had the occasional hard day at work. Maybe the kids are being exceptionally cheeky tonight and have finally settled down. Maybe your favourite sports team won and you want to celebrate (or lost and need a pick-me-up).

While people are winding down, why not get your logo in their hands? We have a wide range of promotional wine, beer, pub and bar products to take advantage of.

If you’re marketing your pub or bar or even looking at rewarding employees for hard work, we’ll have a look at a few promotional glasses which will be perfect for you.

Tulip pint glass

The tulip shaped glass is one of the most iconic pint glasses there is. The double curved pint glass has a good-sized print area for your business or establishment to take advantage of. The shape of the glass makes it easy to hold and the head of the glass allows a healthy head on the beard.

Tankard pint glass

The thick tankard glass gives different feel to drinking a pint than a tulip or a pilsner glass gives you. The sturdy handle allows a solid feel and the print area is slightly larger than on a tulip glass.

Half pint glass

Ideal for the designated drivers or the non-drinkers amongst us, these tulip shaped glasses are a cheap way of getting more stylish glassware in your pub or bar. The print area is smaller than the pint glass but that doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the image.

Wine glass

Although we’ve looked at beer until now, we do also have a good range of promotional wine glasses. The tall wine glasses are both sturdy without looking cheap, offering a good mixture of elegance and practicality. The print area on the glasses are a good size for the product, making the promotional glasses a great way to show off your bar’s logo.

Shot glass

The final promotional glass product we’re going to have a quick look at is the shot glass. Perfect for parties and bars, the slightly flared glass has a capacity of 60ml. Perfect for a double.

If you like the sound of any of the promotional glasses we’ve had a quick look at, give our sales team a call on 0116 3660052.