Picking the right print for your promotional clothing

27th June 2017 in Printing Processes

Picking the right print for your promotional clothing

Promotional clothing is one of the most popular products in the market. There are a fantastic range of styles, colours and shapes available to promote your brand with. The decisions don’t just stop there though, the print method has to be taken into account.

The best decoration method to use will depend on a range of reasons, including order quantity, size of the artwork and item of clothing.

So, what decoration method would be best for you?

Screen printing

Screen printing the perfect option for the larger orders. The print technique gives a high-quality finish with clear definition. A screen-printed artwork will be far longer-lasting than a transfer, but it can get expensive.

With screen printing, colours must be applied one by one. Because of this the price will increase with each additional colour. With a separate screen required for each colour, it’s easy to see how this form of printing is best for larger quantity promotional clothing orders.

This method of printing promotional clothing is also best saved for large designs. Despite the high quality, getting a small logo screen printed may be an uneconomical way of working.

The finishes offered with screen printing is another positive point. Screen printing can offer glitter, metallic and glow in the dark designs. This gives you additional design options when thinking about your artwork.


Where screen printing isn’t really suitable for the smaller designs and logos, this artwork type is where embroidery excels. The artwork will be in a number of different colours to create a reproduction of the digital artwork supplied.

The more stitches per square inch the better, but after a certain number of stitches the prices can start to increase. Unlike screen printing, there isn’t a price increase every colour. You can get your logo printed in a huge range of colours. Embroidery is also a long-lasting print technique.

Digital transfer

Transfer printing is the lower cost method of printing. The low-cost price makes it perfect for shorter runs of low quantity promotional clothing orders, but the quality may not last as long as screen printing and embroidery may.

Digital printing is often a popular choice when promotional clothing is used for giveaways. The print still looks good, but it may not last as long as other forms of printing but it’s a cost-effective way of creating good-looking promotional clothing.

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