The facts and figures behind promotional clothing

13th March 2017 in Printing Processes

The facts and figures behind promotional clothing

The facts and figures behind promotional clothing

Promotional clothing makes up a considerable part of the UK’s promotional products industry. In a recent survey, consumers were asked which promotional products they currently owned. The survey discovered the t-shirts are the most often owned promotional product, with 58% of consumers owning one.

Now we are well into 2017, promotional clothing was one of the areas we really want to start pushing. As a result of our drive we’re delighted to have a fantastic range of promotional t-shirts and clothing on our site, all at incredible prices.

We also looked at a study carried out at a promotional products trade show in 2016. The research was carried out between companies at the exhibition and a massive 91% of respondents said they used branded clothing.

Branded clothing can be used in a variety of ways. Popular uses are increasing brand awareness and exhibitions and using printed clothing as staff uniforms. So, what other facts and figures can we look at when focusing on promotional clothing?

More females than males own logoed t-shirts in the U.S. with 54% of women owning t-shirts compared to 45% of men. Although there are differences between male and female, the percentage of consumers remains steady across all the age groups, from 18 through to 55+.

Promotional clothing – what’s on offer?

We’ve already looked at promotional clothing items being popular products to market yourself with. Polo shirts, t-shirts, performance wear, headwear and outerwear all feature in the top 15 owned products.

We’re pleased to offer a great range of products in these areas. Whether you’re using them to sell on for charity or as a workplace uniform, our experienced sales staff will be able to walk you through from the initial enquiry to the delivery of your freshly printed clothes.

We are currently developing our promotional clothing category, but the products are still on our site. Search what you’re looking for through our homepage or give one of our experienced sales staff a call.