Promotional Chocolate for UK’s National Chocolate Week

12th October 2016 in Printing Processes

Promotional Chocolate for UK’s National Chocolate Week

Promotional Chocolate for Chocolate Weekpromotional chocolate fondue

This week is chocolate week in the UK. The UK’s biggest chocolate celebration runs from 10 October to 16 October, culminating in The Chocolate Show at the end of the week in London.

The week celebrates the nations favourite treat, promoting all things chocolate. While companies are promoting chocolate products, this offers a fantastic chance to promote with chocolate products.

Promotional chocolate products are a sweet and simple way to make your exhibition stand out at even the most competitive of trade shows. They are a memorable product which will make potential customers return to your area for seconds.

Perfect for any event, promotional chocolate is a great event to personalise. Whether you’re looking at a chocolate fondue set or a large bag of chocolate balls, the products here are ideal for printing your company’s logos.

Although it’s chocolate week it would be amiss of us to not mention a couple of similar products. As tasty as chocolate is, it’s not everyone’s favourite treat.

We also have a good range of promotional weeks and mints. While chocolate can melt in a desk drawer, sweets and mints are a longer lasting promotional product.

One of the most popular products in the food category are promotional jelly beans. Fun, friendly and fabulously tasty, you can’t go wrong with branded jelly beans.

If you’re taking promotional sweets, mints and chocolate to a trade show, you’re going to need something to put the products in. This is where promotional bags come in to their own.

Promotional cotton shoppers are one of the most popular products in the industry for this reason. They are also cheap, good looking and fantastic to print on. The natural colour of the bags makes any artwork stand out from the crowd.

To start your search for promotional chocolate, branded mints tins, personalised sweet, and printed bags, head to our homepage.