Promotional calendars – effective and popular

9th November 2016 in Printing Processes

Promotional calendars – effective and popular

Promotional calendars – a popular and effective marketing strategy promotional calendars

It’s about that time of year that companies are thinking about perhaps one of the best promotional products in terms of return on investment. Promotional calendars.

Even with the number of digital devices the common person has on them, printed calendars are regularly seen on desks and walls even now. They are used to keep track of appointments, check dates and count down to that holiday you’ve been looking forward to.

A single glance at the calendar a day by one person will get your logo or message seen 365 times a year. At minimum. Not many promotional products we offer can compete with that effectiveness.

As well as being effective marketing products, promotional calendars are one of the most customisable products we have on offer. They allow you to create a truly personal product which can match your marketing campaign.

Here are just a couple of ideas which may make your promotional calendars go that bit further.

Share their interests

All promotional products are cheaper to buy in bulk, many come with a minimum order quantity. However, if you have a group of clients who are all interested in a particular activity, you can send them the same calendar. It will look like you’ve put real thought into their new promotional calendars.

Peaceful and relaxing

A common use of calendars is to show peaceful and relaxing scenes. Occasionally your staff and customers will need to momentarily escape from a stressful day. Give them stunning landscapes to view. Give them a warm beach to look at in the winter months.

Your customers will relax when they view your organisation. A perfect marketing moment.

Wild for wildlife

The final category of promotional calendars we’ll take a quick look at is wildlife. Bringing the stunning outdoors into the office and workplace, promotional calendars with the delights of nature on would suit any workplace wall.

Whether you’re looking for a wall or desk calendar, let our friendly sales staff know and they’ll be more than happy to send you out on 0116 3660052.

Remember that we offer free no-obligation visuals, so you can see how your promotional calendar will look before you go forward with the order. Head to our homepage to start your search for marketing materials.