Promotional bags – the tried and tested is sometimes best

15th August 2017 in Printing Processes

Promotional bags – the tried and tested is sometimes best

Promotional bags – the tried and tested is sometimes best

Using the tried and tested option in any industry is often the safest bet. We’re often encouraged to look beyond the tried and tested and think outside the box, but sometimes it’s not always the best option. Those products, techniques or people are often the most popular for a reason.

That’s where we are in the promotional products industry. Sometimes the simple cotton shopping bag can be the best product available.

Of the five most popular single products in the UK’s promotional products industry, the fidget spinner holds four of those spots. Trends like the fidget spinner and the pop socket will come and go but the promotional bag will always remain. In fact, looking at research done by 538, fidget spinners’ popularity is already heading quickly downhill.

Why are promotional bags so popular?

Unlike fidget spinners, the promotional bag is a constant – it doesn’t go in and out of fashion. They’ve had plenty of chances to go out of fashion too. The printed bag has first used in the late-1800s and they’re still going strong now. This means you can bulk-buy printed bags. If the information isn’t time-limited, the printed bags can be used in multiple marketing or awareness drives.

Branded bags also have (probably, we’re not about to calculate it) the biggest print area for the cost of the products. Branded cotton shoppers usually have a print area of 280mm x 320mm and the prices start from just 64p. For a bit of context, the top selling fidget spinner has a print area of 19mm dia.

So, good to buy in bulk, brilliantly priced and offering a large print area compared to other products.

Promotional bags are also one of the most versatile bags we offer. From shopping bags to kids’ drawstring bags, these printed bags can be used in all areas of industry, charity and education.

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