Happy National Umbrella Day!

10th February 2021 in Printing Processes

Happy National Umbrella Day!

Don’t get caught out in the rain! 

Happy National Umbrella Day! Umbrellas are a life saver for us Brits and without one, let’s face it, we would be lost especially with our unpredictable weather. Luckily for you, picking the perfect brolly has never been easier with EverythingBranded and our wide range.

Brits love talking about the weather and did you know that more than 9/10 brits have talked about the weather in the last 6 hours – not surprising with all the snow we have had! Did you also know that British people will spend more than 4 hours of their lives talking about the weather?

6 Interesting Umbrella facts

  • Word umbrella comes from the Latin word “umbros” which means shade or shadow.
  • Modern day widespread acceptance of umbrellas started to spread across the Europe in middle of 18th century. Up until that point, umbrellas were viewed as a female fashion accessory.
  • The first man who publicly carried umbrella was Englishman Jonas Hanway. His influence finally introduced umbrella to male population of England, and soon after the entire world.
  • Modern day umbrellas are strikingly similar in their design to the models that were used in ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Technological advancement of 20th century enabled the creation of mechanisms and materials that are integral part of modern umbrellas.
  • Over 33 million umbrellas are sold in United States each year.

Special Offer for February

For February only, when you spend £750 or more on selected umbrellas you get 50 x FREE printed face masks or 50 x FREE printed snoods! For limited time only so make sure to take advantage today, see our special February umbrella offer here.

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