Harry Potter and the well deserving accounts team

22nd November 2016 in Printing Processes

Harry Potter and the well deserving accounts team

Harry Potter and the well deserving accounts team

Harry Potter

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Here at EverythingBranded.co.uk we like to reward the hard work our staff have done over the last year.

Our fantastic accounts team have worked incredibly hard over the last 12 months. As a reward for their effort and work they were given the chance of a team day out.

With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them around the corner, the accounts team chose to head to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, the Making of Harry Potter for a magical day out.

Jen Rowlett, EverythingBranded’s Finance Director, said: “It was great to have a day out with my team which didn’t focus on work. They are a great group of people and thoroughly deserved a treat.

“It was great to have their input in deciding what we did rather than it being chosen by me. Everyone enjoying themselves and seeing the team get closer was great to see.

“We believe that acknowledging and rewarding staff for their hard work is key to building a motivated, successful and happy team.”

Paul Rowlett, Managing Director said: “As a company we’ve experienced extremely good growth in the last 12 months which has meant our accounts team has had to work that much harder.

“We’ve also got an exciting staff Christmas trip to London to visit the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This is a chance to reward all of the Charles Alexander Distribution staff for their work this year.

“Team motivation is an important factor in any business. Both Jen and I believe team motivation and rewarding staff for their hard work is key. Most of all it goes a long way to ensuring all members of staff are happy.

“If possible we’d love our staff to have interpersonal relationships between team members. We really think this makes a big difference in the happiness and the productiveness of the staff.”

The accounts team travelled down to the Warner Brothers Studio and enjoyed a tour of the Harry Potter movie set. They spent the day wandering the Hogwarts Great Hall and even having a sit in Hagrid’s flying motorbike and sidecar.

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Harry Potter