Father’s Day: A Buyer’s Nightmare

11th June 2019 in Printing Processes

Father’s Day: A Buyer’s Nightmare

This weekend is Father’s Day – a chance to say thanks to the men who have nurtered, listened, loved, been our free personal Uber driver and the bank manager who never refused us money. Well, almost never.

But buying for Dads can be tough. Let’s face it, they’ve pretty much got everything they want, haven’t they? How many pairs of socks can one man own? How many ties have gone in the wardrobe and never seen the light of day again? Basically, Father’s Day can be a bit of a nightmare.

The Father’s Day we know now started off in the USA in the early 20th century, but only really took off in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Desperate to get the economy moving, retailers and advertisers tried to make Father’s Day a ‘second Christmas’ for men, promoting things like ties, hats, socks, greeting cards, golf clubs and other sports items.

It worked. Father’s Day is now worth around £700 million to the UK economy each year, and an incredible $16 billion in the US. At EverythingBranded, we’ve got all the traditional favourites like ties, socks, pens and cufflinks covered. But did you know we sell over 10,000 products, from laptop bags to mini table football tables, from bathrobes to BBQ sets, and can coolers to sports watches?

We’re certain you’ll be able to find the perfect Father’s Day gift here, even for the trickiest of Dads. Even if you’re not looking for Father’s Day, and are a business planning your next big event, or if you want branded products to promote your company and build lasting relationships with your customers, you know where to come.