Add a touch style with these executive pens

23rd January 2017 in Printing Processes

Add a touch style with these executive pens

Add a touch of personalised style and quality for the best executive look with great looking executive pens

A bespoke tailored suit, handmade shoes and finely crafted wallet or purse all create an air of success in business. Add executive pens to your daily attire and it all helps create a winning style and image in a competitive corporate world. Invest in the best.

A sleek, classy executive promotional rollerball, ballpoint, pencil or ink pen are the envy of many a business person. We have a superb executive range featuring the go-to brands for you to choose from as a luxury, stunning corporate gift. Your brand lives on day after day with an executive pen, it’s a constant reminder for the recipient of your company – a much more effective piece of promotional merchandise than a glass decanter, tucked away in the cupboard.

They are fantastic corporate gifts – celebrate employee’s achievements, landmarks in their careers or use them as a thank you on people’s retirements. They make memorable promotional gifts for new and existing customers.

Take a look at the full range of personalised executive pens which can be printed up with your own individual message.

Our range list includes:

Gift Set Pens

Gift set pens are perfect examples of executive pens. Stylish pens in even more stylish boxes will always be a winning combination when it comes to representing your brand.

Laser Engraved Pens

These laser engraved metal pens are a wonderful choice for a quality corporate gift. Available in a range of colours and metals, these pens display your brand in a classy and effient light.

Fountain Pensexecutive pensa

These are a classic fountain pens to use in your marketing campaigns to promote your brand. Your customers will find them beautiful to look at and comfortable to use. They will pick it out time and again. Both screen printing and laser engraving are possible on this executive pens.

Mechanical Pencils 

These are stylish pencil which is right on trend. The contemporary designs are practical and appealing to your customers with a simple push button action. Choose from a range of colours with chrome trims and personalise it with your business message or brand to create an outstanding executive printed pen. It is a popular choice for customers who create precision and technical drawings.

Give us a call at our Leicester offices to discuss your executive pen requirements. We can help you choose the best printed pen for the job. We can help maximise the effectiveness of your promo pens with advice on design and there are a choice of express delivery options too. It pays to pick the best to showcase your company’s image. Call 0116 366 0052.

If you’re planning on using these pens at a trade show or exhibition, we’d recommend branded bags to go alongside them. Promotional bags are always a winning choice at events. To check out our range of branded bags click here.