Christmas marketing facts and figures

14th November 2017 in Printing Processes

Christmas marketing facts and figures

Christmas marketing facts and figures

I saw my first Christmas advert last night. It was a family-centric Tesco advert about the different turkeys they have available. If it’s close enough to Christmas for Tesco to start their campaigns, it’s about the time of year for us to stick some Christmas marketing facts out.

Coca Cola, Kings of Christmas

Not many brands dominate Christmas marketing quite like Coca Cola. Even before we get to their famed Christmas truck, the sugary drinks company helped shape the Santa we have today.

Before the 1930s Santa Claus was various colours, including green, white and blue. In the thirties Coca Cola started showing Santa in their red and white colours and it stuck.

Although the Guardian have questioned this with drawings and paintings of Santa looking resplendent in red throughout the ages.

The colours changed, design didn’t

Coca Cola may claim to have shaped the colours of Santa, but the current design of the friendly present giver was designed

The colours of Santa may claim to have shaped by Coca Cola but the design of the friendly present giver was designed by a committee. The New York Historical Society was founded in 1804 and created his attire. The fashion choices seem to have been timeless as Santa is fairly unchanged over 220 years later.

Different traditions

Here in the UK we might be used to the turkey, roast potatoes and stuffing Christmas dinners, but over in Japan there is a tradition a little different to ours.

While Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan, KFC have managed to make their fried chicken a festive tradition. In the 1970s the fast food chain was one of the few places that served chicken on Christmas, so many travellers, visitors and foreigners flocked there. They took advantage of this and marketed a new meal which involved various types of chicken and some wine.

They created the Party Barrel which quickly became a national favourite.

Quick hits

– Boxing Day has become the biggest online shopping day in the UK. Mobile devices are becoming more and more important on this day too.

– In fact in 2013 48% of holiday marketing emails were opened on a mobile device.

– and nearly a quarter of UK consumers used a mobile device for Christmas shopping. All this is only going to have increased too.

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