Charity wristbands why ?

5th October 2011 in Printing Processes

The Popularity of Charity Wristbands

Local businesses often sponsor community sports teams and these athletic groups feel like they should return the favour to a charity of some sort. Charities are the best organizations to support because they apply money to a good cause. Sports teams can use charity wristbands to support their chosen cause and distribute them throughout the season. No wonder, because many sports stars wear silicone bands, including sports stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Darren Bent, David Beckham, LeBron James.

With this endorsement, it should not be difficult for sports teams to raise funds, either for the club, such as to help build or improve a grandstand, or to help a local charity. The team manager can take a supply of these charity wristbands to all away games, and get a couple of volunteers to sell them at the gate. Of course, they would also be sold at the gate and at refreshment stands as well.

This is the perfect place to raise money for the worthwhile charity. Setting up a table near the gate entices fans to purchase the bracelets when they buy their tickets. Of course, teams will do better if they have a placard up saying : ‘Wear what David Beckham Does!’  It is a good idea, to give them an assortment of colours to select from ensures that everyone will be satisfied.

When they are not watching the game, spectators will wander over to see what is for sale. They will love making a statement with <a href=””>multi-coloured wristbands. Glow in the dark charity wristbands will also be popular with the younger crowd because these are like a toy and fundraiser in one. When the sun goes down and the team is still playing, supporters will be showing off their glowing bracelets.

Sports teams participate in various community events like markets, opening of stores, and the charity golf matches. The team can also set up a booth and sell customised bracelets, to make a lot of money for their charity. The crowd should be in the mood to help support a good cause and will appreciate receiving these wristbands for their donations.

Whether debossed, embossed, or infilled charity wristbands are ordered, any team can be successful at fund-raising. There are hundreds of colours and blends of hues available to highlight the name of the charity in an impressive way. Quality printing even allows the charity logo to be included on the band for a more professional appearance.

Of course, the use of these wristbands is not limited to sports teams and sport-related charities. Any charity, local or national, can benefit from distributing wristbands, because they go ‘viral’, meaning that people who buy them tell their  friends about this novelty they have, and more and more people will want them.