Branded Promotional Products for Your Charity

24th April 2018 in Printing Processes

Branded Promotional Products for Your Charity

Increase Awareness With Branded Promotional Products

Gaining support for your charity or nonprofit organisation is of utmost importance for anyone involved, from fundraisers to event organisers. Using branded promotional products will ensure your voice is heard and people are better aware of who you are, what you do and why you do it.

You can use branded promotional products to help raise funds as well as awareness, through selling your merchandise or wearing your logo for all to see.

The summer season brings about a large number of charity events such as runs, walks and even sky dives. All events are massively publicised via Social Media, TV or Radio, meaning you can get your brand logo extensive exposure by wearing a branded promotional products such as a t-shirt or a hat.


For all supporters that attend these events, if you provide branded goods to show your appreciation, they will better remember your organisation and cause. In addition to this, you will better forge a relationship between supporters and the organisation. If they have a bond with your cause they will continue their support.

Awards and promotional gifts are a brilliant way of rewarding top fundraisers or donors. You can also gift a selection of branded promotional products to key fundraisers to help their efforts and establish them as brand representatives.

Additional Revenue

Many organisations have a store where supporters can purchase branded promotional products and other donated items in order to generate an additional revenue. Clothing is a popular form of merchandise for charities and nonprofit organisations as supporters can purchase them for their chosen events. Branded promotional products, such as clothes, are most popular as they offer the biggest surface for featuring the logo and therefore obviously show a sign of support as well as improving awareness. Charity Products provide a range of branded promotional products perfect for charities and nonprofit organisations. Wristbands, clothing, badges and even collection buckets, can all be found on our website.

We are keen supporters of charities throughout the UK, making regular donations of products to help increase support. Our most recent donation was to the One World Media, read more here.

Our in-house design team are on hand to create unlimited free visuals to make sure your product is designed to your specific requirements and our dedicated Account Managers will advise you on which products are best for you.

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