12 months of marketing (to students!)

18th August 2017 in Printing Processes

12 months of marketing (to students!)

Marketing to students year-round

We’ve recently looked at how marketing to students goes beyond Freshers’ Week. It’s takes a more sustained effort to get your brand in students’ good books. Students may not be learning all year, but it’s best not to let your marketing drive slack off too.

Every month offers an opportunity to market towards students – starting with the upcoming Freshers’ week!


Freshers’ week. We’ve spoke about marketing during Freshers’ week here, here, here and here. Oh, and here too. Check it out!


Halloween. Students don’t need an excuse to dress up, so when events like Halloween come around they take full advantage.


Bonfire night. There are thousands of events up and down the country where people flock to and watch fireworks. The perfect time to give away branded glowsticks or anything with flashing LED lights!


Christmas & New year’s. Students head home for Christmas but there is still marketing to be done. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of the most marketable times of the year.


Refreshers week. One Freshers’ Week isn’t enough so students have created a second when they come back to Uni after their Christmas holiday. It’s the same deal as freshers, a lot of drinking, but this time they know each other a little more.


Pancake day. Because who doesn’t like pancakes?


St Patrick’s Day. The day where everyone’s Irish ancestors come out of the woodwork. Get green promotional products and you are part of the show.


Students may head home for a much-needed shower and a clothes wash, but there are still marketing opportunities. Easter is a big’un. Get printed chocolate boxes and personalised Easter eggs for


Spring break. An American tradition that’s made it over the pond. We seem to have welcomed Black Friday sales (despite us not doing Thanksgiving…), and so making sure to take advantage of this marketing opportunity.


Festivals! Festival marketing and student marketing are remarkably (well okay, not that it’s surprising) similar. The same kind of printed products and advertising techniques can work with the crop of summer festivals.


Hometime. It’s time for students to head home for the summer. Which means it’s time to assess how your marketing efforts have gone. Make a note of what you’d do differently when it comes to the new batch of freshers!


Bank holiday. Students are between years but there is still the August bank holiday to market towards.

And it all starts again.

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