What Happened To The Students From The Secret Teacher?

9th August 2019 in News | Press Releases

What Happened To The Students From The Secret Teacher?

The morning after Paul’s TV appearance on Channel 4’s new ‘Secret Teacher’, the EverythingBranded CEO and founder took time out to thank those who watched and updated them on the progress of the two students he helped – and continues to.

In the show, Paul went undercover at Haileybury Turnford School in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, to give failing students a helping hand and offer two of them the chance of a lifetime. Posing as a support teacher, he had to fully immerse himself in school life while identifying which students he wanted to assist. When he finally revealed his true identity to Loui and Courtney, the two students he chose to help, in a moving finale, it brought a tear to the eye and melted even the coldest of hearts watching on TV.

Paul says thank you
The following day, Paul was in good spirits as he thanked everyone who watched the show and had left messages of support for him, Loui and Courtney on social media. “You don’t realise how nice it is for a young person to get nice comments like that. It does make a difference,” he said.

Loui gets involved
He also spoke about the support and development of the two students as an ongoing and long-term process. Paul revealed that Loui is now a big part of the EverythingBranded team. “We’re getting him involved,” Paul said. “If you’ve got the ability and passion, why not fast-track?” By working alongside Paul and the experienced and talented team he has assembled at the company, the young entrepreneur will be able to learn, develop and thrive.

It seems the young protégé could soon be the proud owner of a new set of wheels, too. “We’re going to get him mobile,” Paul said. “We’re going to sort him out with a new car as soon as he’s old enough to drive.”

Courtney’s thriving
Courtney, a gifted and hard-working student who was lacking in confidence, is doing equally well. Since The Secret Teacher, she has grown in confidence and been offered some great opportunities, both through the school and Paul’s network. “Thank you to those people who have offered her opportunities – you know who you are.” he said.

The staff and school
And Paul once again praised the teaching and support staff at Haileybury Turnford School. “You’ve got teachers in the school who get promotions but aren’t getting pay rises. This is where the education system fails. They forget how important teachers are.” He went on to say how his time in the school opened his eyes to the situation, and how shocked he was by the lack of funding and resources.

The company is still supporting the school’s business department, and that Haileybury Turnford students are coming to the offices to see how business works and to gain experience of the workplace. There was even talk of a school trip for some students to watch Tottenham take on Leicester City in the Premier League this season.

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