Stress Balls Make You Live Longer

14th March 2015 in News

Stress Balls Make You Live Longer

It really is true that regular use of Stress Balls make you live longer and there are real medical reasons for why it works, and not only to relieve stress, there are other health benefits too. Here is a quick guide to the science behind how it all works:

Boosts Blood Circulation

Ancient Chinese medicine advocates using balls in the hand to touch pressure points or acupuncture points that are found all over the hand. Squeezing a stress ball helps to boost the blood circulation and at the same time acting to relax joints and muscles.

Prevents and improves medical disorders

Things like hypertension, arthritis of the fingers and wrists, and even numbness and trembling of the hands can be improved and helped to be prevented by manipulating and squeezing a stress ball in the hand.

Increases Energy

Acupuncture and Shiatsu massage works by touching things called ‘Meridians’ which act as channels or pathways of energy within the body, so touching each meridian produces health benefits. Your ten fingers are known to be connected with the human cranial nerve, as well as the intestines, stomach, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, spleen, liver and heart. When you stimulate the meridians with a stress ball it improves vital energy channels in the body.

Bones and muscles get stronger

Chinese practitioners claim that muscles and bones are strengthened with prolonged usage of stress balls, and different chronic diseases such as hypertension are kept from developing. Also, when we experience stress our large muscle groups contract in preparation for flight. Squeezing a stress ball allows the muscle fibres in your arms to begin to relax, reducing tension. Rhythmic squeezing of a stress ball with breath control, breathe in & squeeze, breathe out and unclench, it is a very effective stress relief technique

Intelligence and memory improve

In time the regular use of stress balls will improve your intelligence and memory as your fatigue goes away, your worries disappear, stress is reduced, and all this will certainly help you to life longer.

Physically ‘mutes’ feelings of stress

Psychological theory suggests that when we are under stress we take information in through our intellect where our brains try to make sense of what’s going on, and put it into words and a context that we can talk about. Research shows that if the sensory channel is occupied or blocked by using a stress ball, it can actually mute the stress you are feeling on an intellectual level.
It works the same way a pacifier or dummy works, to numb and soothe. A stress ball relieves stress simply because it keeps your hands busy doing a simple, repetitive movement which becomes almost subconscious. Your anxiety or stress is redirected to the stress ball.

Is the shape important?

No, it doesn’t matter what shape it is, it is the action of squeezing and manipulating it in your hand that makes it work, so a car shape or house shape stress ball will work in exactly the same way
So that’s why using a stress ball will make you live longer!

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