Promotional Products: Why Include Them in Your Marketing Mix

8th January 2016 in News

Promotional Products: Why Include Them in Your Marketing Mix

Where Should Your 2016 Marketing Budget Go?

A new year brings the opportunity to analysis the past and try something different in the future. Did you employ the use of promotional products? If so, how successful was the campaign? If not, is it now time to do so?

Last year was a time when most discovered the cost per ‘eyeball’ reach via traditional marketing methods had become vastly more expensive than certain digital methods such as Facebook. It has become increasingly difficult for ‘marketeers’ to know where best to employ their valuable funds. Use the tried and tested traditional media but pay a higher customer acquisition cost or invest in the new unproven but much cheaper digital methods?

Admittedly, like some traditional media, it’s harder to measure the success of using promotional products in a marketing campaign. But there’re a couple of facts about promotional products that’s not in dispute.

Promotional Products Have a Greater Life Span

In this digital age where moments are fleeting and the effort employed in making a digital campaign take hold can often out-weight the ultimate benefits. Why promotional products can offer a more cost-effective option and support activity. Take the humble branded selfie-stick, the user posts their picture/video, it’s liked, engaged with and moments later the world has moved on to the next thing. Including the selfie taker. However, if the selfie had been taken using a branded selfie-stick then there’s your solution, your brand is consistently in the visuals. Last year pens outstripped the sales of every other promotional product as they have done year after year. Look at your desk now, bet there’s, at least, one branded pen amongst your collection, and ask yourself, how long have I had it?

Promotional Products Have a True Cost

You make an order for a certain amount of promotional products a set price, and that’s the cost you pay. You distribute the items, and there’s a simple equation between the number produced and the number of reach ‘eyeballs’ achieved, You’d think. Widely accepted is the fact that promotional products are passed around and have a multiplier of 2 or 3 times the produced number. When compared with a digital campaign where often the human activity is not accounted for in the results of a digital campaign. It’s hard to cost the three minutes it takes to respond to a social media engagement but what you do know is a tweet has only hours as a ‘shelf life’, promotional products have many hours, days and often, years.

Promotional Products Have Hidden Intrinsic Value

Increasingly has seen a move towards promotional products that add value to the end user such as, memory sticks or gadget power banks. These items become part of the recipient’s everyday lives. Being picked up and put down many times throughout a day, week, month and year resulting in the host brand being seen time and time again. The power of subliminal advertising is a subject well documented. If you see words flashed at you for a fraction of a second on a regular basis, without your conscious awareness knowing that you ever saw them, you’ll recall and remember them better. Award Winning Promotional Products Supply

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Start 2016 with a campaign that will have legs to last longer than it’s taken you to read this blog!