Promotional Merchandise ~ The Hot, De-Stressing and Winning..!

29th January 2015 in News

Promotional Merchandise ~ The Hot, De-Stressing and Winning..!

The Hot, De-Stressing and Winning of Promotional Merchandise

As a rapidly growing promotional merchandise company we’re adding new and exciting products daily to a product range that is set to top +50,000. recently celebrated the 7th year in business and is set to see rapid growth once again in 2015.  Managing Director, Paul Rowlett said, “We continue to seek more and more products to ensure we can meet the demand.” Paul went on to add, “We are seeing a shift in customer buying patterns to more innovate products. Customers recognise the need to add more WOW factor to their promotional merchandise in order to capture their audience attention.” Paul explained, “It’s a crowded market out there for all products and services with lots and lots of noise hence, the need to be ‘heard’ as well as seen.”

The team have recently returned from PSI (Promotional Services Industry Exhibition) with basket loads of ideas and samples. Here’s a few that’s Hot, De-Stressing and will make you a Winner..!


Score with your customers..!

One such as promotional item is the new ‘flatpacked’ Foosball table that utilises every bit of the packaging and can be fully colour branded. This brilliantly engaging promotional item will gives customer hours of engaging fun leading your brand to be a winner..!

promotional foosball table



De-Stress your Customers..!

Thinking of new and exciting promotional merchandise campaigns for 2015 stressing you out..?

Relax we have the perfect solution for you.

Get engaged with your customers and physically prove how doing business with your brand is a stress free transaction. New on our promotional product stock list are these wonderful silicone wristbands that give a handy colour gauge to stress levels.

health wristbands


What’s Hot..? Traditional Promotional Product with a Twist..!

The trusted mug continues to be the most popular product topping our promotional merchandise table once again in 2014, but new and innovative versions are reaching us every day. One such promotional mug is the heat revealing beaker ideal to keep a discount code or WOW message hidden so the receiver warms to your brand.

Promotional Mugs is consistently developing new and exciting solutions to assist our customers in their target audience reach. Every day is driving its customer’s brands to perform better than their competitors. So if you’re a supplier keen to develop your UK presence or a brand manager, business owner, our fundraising charity looking to deliver successful promotional marketing campaigns.

Get in-touch, we know what promotional items are hot right now, that’ll de-stress you helping make you a winner..!