Introducing tasty cake pops for ordering with us!

23rd August 2017 in News

Introducing tasty cake pops for ordering with us!

Introducing complimentary tasty cake pops for ordering with us!

We are delighted to introduce a new initiative where customers will receive a cake pop with orders worth over £500.

The tasty treats are a ball of cake, which has been encased in chocolate. The ball is then placed on a stick to make the cake-flavoured lolly.

James Dead, Head of Sales at EverythingBranded, said “I actually tried the cake pops at a promotional products trade show a couple of months ago. I thought they were fantastic.

“It’s a great way to say thank you to our customers who have spent a decent amount of money with us.

“We really appreciate orders of any size but these cake pops are just a thanks to those customers who have gone…

If you want to advertise your company through cake pops we can provide that too. Like the products we are sending out, you will have your branding on the cake box and the label on the cake pop stick.

You can find the printed cake pops here.

Chat to our sales team on 0116 3660052 or start your search for promotional products on our homepage.