Guide to the Perfect Selfie

4th September 2014 in News

Guide to the Perfect Selfie
Inspired by Conchita Wurst

Inspired by Conchita Wurst

We recently ran a selfie competition resulting in some fantastic entries. In the processing of judging the pictures a great debate erupted within our office of exactly what characteristics make a great selfie. With no manual for reference to turn to we’ve collated our thoughts within this blog. See what you think:

Got to Include One-self

Many of the selfies received where technically not selfies as the photographer wasn’t in the picture thus, we fundamentally believe a selfie is what it suggests, a picture of oneself

A Scene of Interest

Setting the scene of a selfie with an interesting background and/or place of relevance is definitely advantageous.  Whilst you must be the main subject of a selfie we feel the background can enhance the photo.

Use of Props

The use of props such as, objects, fancy dress and/or equipment can enhance a selfie under the correct circumstances.  The great selfie’s will use props to tell the selfie ‘story’ such as, a selfie playing tennis during Wimbledon is like strawberries and cream on Murray Mound, goes hand in hand very nicely.

Use of Pets

Always a tricky one as we should never be cruel to animals and working with them in front of camera is a legendary challenge.  Our recent competition winner (pictured above) used her cat with great skill.  In fact we believe the recent Austrian Euro Vision winner was influenced by this picture 😉

Including a Friend

Again our mantra is a selfie is all about you so think carefully when including a friend.  If your friends are Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt you might just want to think it through first.  Their in front of camera training may kick in resulting in them hogging the picture!

Group Selfies

In itself an oxymoron but can be a lot of fun…Make sure your standing out through the use of clothes, posture and/or height.  Again the subject matter is you and the extras should be just that!

Celebrity Selfies

Goes against our grain of thought that you should be the main subject matter however, the power of the celeb ensures great views so get in there and grab yourself a Celeb selfie.  All above rules don’t apply as ultimately you want to be famous as well or why take a selfie in the first place.

In summary, the only thing to remember is a selfie should be just that. All of us love seeing our friends, family and colleagues enjoying themselves, making fools of themselves or hanging out with celebs.