Fastest growing products – September 2016

27th September 2016 in News

Fastest growing products – September 2016

Fastest Growing ProductsFastest growing products – September 2016

We always like to keep tabs on the most popular promotional products at any given time so we can keep you updated with what is flying off our proverbial shelves. We’re going to have a quick run through of five of the fastest growing products in the promotional products industry right now.

We’ll also have a look and the promotional area most in decline, although there is a fairly rational reason for this.

In no particular order, here are five of the best-selling areas.

The first group we’ll look at is the emerging market for iPad and tablet related promotional products. Whether you’re looking for stands, styluses (or styli if you fancy), bags or cases, we have a great range of products in this line. Our popular range of power banks also slots nicely into this category.

Bespoke clothing is an area we are continually updating our range of and we’re happy our push for the products has been reflected in the continued growth of these products. Our newly launched sister site, UKPrintwarehouse , has a fantastic range of promotional clothing, from caps to t-shirts, ties to rain ponchos. You can check out the clothing range here.

It is also worth noting that eco-friendly clothes narrowly missed out of the top ten fastest growing products.

One area of products which always sells well this time of year is our awards section. With the end of year and Christmas awards coming up for businesses and sports teams up and down the country our awards section always sees a solid growth in autumn and early winter. Christmas and New Year may seem a long way off but it’s always safe to be well prepared with your end of year celebrations.

Baby and toddler products also squeeze in the top five quickest growing of promotional products. We have a good sized range of teddy bears available for any branding on.

The last area we’re going to take a look at is promotional tools. Hammers, screwdrivers, torches, tape measures, multi-piece tool sets, you name it, you can brand it. Perfect for any employee or customer you know who loves a bit of DIY and great for construction related exhibitions or conferences.

And now for the promotional product area which is most in decline. Football products sold fantastically in the build up to the championships but unfortunately England’s performance unsurprisingly ended the push for promotional football products. However, they’re still available if you want to buck the trend!

If you’re interested in contributing to the growing use of these printed products, you can head to our homepage.