Compliance in the promotional products industry

30th September 2017 in News

Compliance in the promotional products industry

Compliance is a major part of every industry, but it can play a particularly important role when it comes to promotional products.

Recent research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association discovered that 80% of marketers cited compliance as a major reason for buying a particular promotional product over another. Despite this, only 5% could accurately explain what it really was.

So, what is compliance?

It relates to the practices concerning:

  • Product safety
  • Social and environmental standards through the supply chain
  • Correct and proper labelling

It is the transparency of the supply chain using these points. The chain conforms to social and ethical laws and guidelines, while also making the product as well-made as possible. The products are manufactured to the latest of health and safety standards.

Compliance isn’t solely dictated by national and international law either. Companies’ own guidelines on eco-friendly or ethical products may come in to play. Organisations who are keeping a close eye on their carbon footprints may require their promotional products to be manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Real-life examples?

Two areas where compliance may play an important role in the promotional products industry is in electronics and food. Safely manufactured and correctly labelled food is important for protecting yourself from allergy and nutrition complaints. Following EU compliance rules such as RoHS and REACH  can protect your company from any issues with electrical products. Issues with malfunctioning tech may be rare, but they are high profile cases if it goes wrong, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and EE’s free giveaway powerbank chargers are two recent examples of this.

EE had issues with their giveaway chargers

Whether you’re using food, tech or any other promotional products in your marketing mix, compliance is an important part of the industry. It benefits the customer to check up on a distributor’s compliance standards. It also benefits a distributor to have those standards in place.

Following these rules saves money in the long-term and the company can start to build a positive reputation in the industry. Following compliance rules and guidelines can give you greater control over your brand. You’ll be in full knowledge the suppliers and workshops you work with follow the same rules you adhere to.

It ensures the products you provide your customers are the best quality possible for that product. The budget plastic pen will still be a budget plastic pen, but it will be well made in conditions which maintain good social conditions. The products will also be as safe as they can be under realistic circumstances, protecting you from any issues down the line.

We’ve just touched on the basics of compliance and how it can impact the promotional products industry here. For more detailed and area-specific information about it, the BPMA have collected a useful resource to check out here.