Charity Campaigns Get More Social

25th September 2014 in News

Charity Campaigns Get More Social


Recent social media activity has shown how charity fundraising activity can not only engage with a particular community but find a global reach bringing the world together as one community.
Regardless if the campaign is designed for such an achievement or not, the outcome is incredibly impressive. People from all over the world from different back grounds and cultures have embraced trends with great enthusiasm.
Perhaps, the genius in such campaigns is the simplicity of the challenge. Simply acts that break through social and cultural barriers allowing all to participate in showing their support.

Following the huge success of the ALS #IceBucketChallenge a survey revealed that a whopping 51% of respondents first learned about social good initiatives through social media. Over double of second most powerful media, TV.

The proof is always in the pudding..!

Credit to Surveymonkey

Of course, ultimately the big question has to be, does the great social media success deliver the much needed charitable funds?
The #IceBucketChallenge grew from a local Massachusetts town and the general communities of the Boston-area, to a global fundraising movement phenomenon that raised over $100 million in donations in just one month (according to the ALS Association).
Despite the impressive #IceBucketChallenge fundraising success those responding to the survey felt social media is more effective for spreading information about a cause than for raising money for one. Over 60% said social media is “extremely effective” or “very effective” for spreading information about social good initiatives but when asked if the great awareness leads to increased donations the number drops to nearer 50%.
If you had followed the #IceBucketChallenge closely you would be forgiven for thinking that social media charity campaigns are best served via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. However the same survey surprisingly found that it was indeed Linkedin that offers a better opportunity for achieving the greatest level of charitable funds. It was found that over 70% of Linkedin survey respondents had make a charitable donation in the last year. This represented 7% more than the social media platform average with Twitter performing the worst at 58%.

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What would it take for your next fundraising idea or event to become the next #IceBucketChallenge?

Like all great fundraising events it starts with the basics, your fundraising imitative needs to engage the head and the heart. The story shared on social media needs to relate, it needs to engage with human emotions. It is not realistic to expect 100% buy-in but neither is it necessary. Fundamentally with such campaigns you are driving behaviour change. You are driving a sense of urgency to act now. This is where the challenge comes in.
The #IceBucketChallenge skilfully combined all of these elements. A back story that pulled on the heart strings was combined with the use of an event that had been around for a long time proving its engagement ability with users, to create a very powerful campaign. However, the ‘Icing on the Cake’ was to create a sense of urgency in challenging the nominees to act within a 24 hour time frame.

What was the tipping point that made it go global..?

The first port of call with such campaigns must be those who you can easily reach out to and gain their buy-in. The early adopters you recruit will be the foundation to building the inspiration and momentum that will hopefully take the campaign to the desired levels. The tipping point is never guaranteed but it’s certainly given a huge boost with the involvement of celebrities. When the #IceBucketChallenge hit Boston both Kim Kardashian and Oprah supported the cause and thus the tipping point was achieved. Two global stars nominating fellow celebrities give the campaign momentum that took it to another stratosphere. But it only reached these superstars through the hard work and support from those who bought in from the outset. Like a great house, it requires great foundations.

What Next..?

The #IceBucketChallenge is the latest in a string of fundraising events that have made a major impact on the world with social media being at the forefront of making it happen. What will be the next?
That we can’t say but we can say, it will have the same vital ingredients as the #IceBucketChallenge so if you are setting out to achieve such a feat, good luck and let us know all about it and we’ll be an early adopter helping you achieve your goals.