EverythingBranded CEO Shares His Business Journey at Leicester College

12th February 2020 in News

EverythingBranded CEO Shares His Business Journey at Leicester College

Students at Leicester College learned about the long and winding road to business success taken by Paul Rowlett, EverythingBranded CEO.

The road to achievement in business is never easy; often, there are lots of potholes to overcome and barriers to breakthrough. The story of EverythingBranded is a classic example, and the students of Leicester College got to learn just how hard it can be from the CEO and Founder, Paul Rowlett. The talk was received very well and opened a few eyes to aspiring entrepreneurs. With a chance to ask questions at the end, the students took the opportunity to quiz Paul on how he managed to turn his life around and progress while the odds were against him.


“A post-Brexit will more than ever need a growing crop of business innovators and entrepreneurs.” Paul Rowlett


Those studying Business and IT subjects were taken on a journey through the dark days of Paul living on the streets to appearing on the hit Channel 4 TV show, The Secret Teacher. A programme about successful people going back to school undercover. It proved to be an eye-opener for Paul and others.


While filming the show, Paul learned more about the lack of entrepreneurial skills taught in schools and colleges throughout the UK. It led to him joining forces with the Peter Jones Foundation. An organisation set up by successful entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den Peter Jones and seeks to give the right mix of support and opportunity, to every young person who has the potential to achieve great things.


Both have a shared vision on empowering young people with the attributes to make a business a success and aim to support those willing to have a go. Paul stated, “We are not all the same so learn in different ways. Some are academic, while others share an entrepreneurial spirit. It is the latter that myself, and Peter Jones believe is the key to the future success of not only business but the UK pls.”


The journey continues.


Paul is set to give his talk at schools and colleges across the UK, in association with the Peter Jones Foundation. While EverythingBranded is set to launch in locations from the Middle East to Scandinavia following successful launches in the USA, Canada, and Ireland. Paul stated, “Business never stops. It’s like a continuous rollercoaster, so I say buckle-up and enjoy the journey!”


To learn more about the foundation, click here.