Are you seeing the Boris bounce

31st January 2020 in News

Are you seeing the Boris bounce

Light at the end of the tunnel

What a whirlwind the past four years have been with regards to Brexit. Believe it or not, Brexit was added to the English dictionary in 2016. The country has been torn in two frames of mind as to what would be the best decision for the future of the United Kingdom – but the truth is, nobody really knows!

Following the election in December, business has gained more confidence or perhaps its demand for things are now on the move. Since this election, we have seen more confidence with businesses such as seeing a rise of 2.3% in the price of properties and business investment has improved dramatically.

Business is booming

Now that we have an increased level of certainty, our economy is more stable and has confidence. Businesses are starting to make more decisions and seeing an uplift in sales. This is a great start to the year for all businesses, as we are looking at an optimistic year ahead in terms of sales.

Don’t let your brand be left behind

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