The American promotional industry – similarities and differences

11th November 2016 in News

The American promotional industry – similarities and differences

22092422The American promotional industry, the similarities and differences

In the last few weeks EverythingBranded has announced the exciting development of launching an American branch of our business. In the process of establishing our first foray abroad, we have done considerable research in to the American promotional product industry.

We thought that looking at the similarities and differences between the British and the American promotional products industries would be a worthwhile. It would give us a better understanding of both markets.

In a recent study, US consumers answered questions about which promotional products they currently owned. These products were given to consumers by companies and charities.

The product popularity in the UK have been worked out by asking people to rate up to three promotional items they had received in the last 12 months.

The US and UK promotional products markets deviate right away. Printed t-shirts are the most owned promotional product in the US while the UK’s is writing instruments.

Printed t-shirts come in second place in the UK’s market, while promotional drinkware slots into second in the US.

It’s interesting to note that in this regard the US figures this matches EverythingBranded’s sales.

Rounding out the podium of products in the US market is a tie between promotional bags and promotional pens and pencils.

The matches the UK’s result with promotional bags being the third most popular product. Promotional bags are far and away the highest grossing promotional products in the UK, with over 14% of the market share.

A recap

From this research, there are more similarities than differences in the two markets. However, the one main difference between the two industries is American’s seem to value promotional clothing more.

Promotional t-shirts, caps and headwear, outerwear and polo shirts are all among the top ten promotional products in the USA.

From these products, only t-shirts and hats and caps crack the top ten in the UK’s industry.

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