Where is Poppy’s Toy?

1st May 2015 in Branding Advice | Just for fun

Where is Poppy’s Toy?

Poppy is the office dog at EverythingBranded Towers in Leicester, and she is always up to mischief of some sort…This week, Poppy lost her chewy toy and spent all day looking for it, in every corner of the offices, the Showroom, and the Warehouse.

She even went into the kitchen to look for it, and while she was there, finished off a plate of crisps, while their owner went off to take a phone call. He came back just in time to take this picture as evidence…


dog with empty bowl

More please!

Next Poppy searched in her bed to see if it was lurking underneath the soft recycled Jute bags she sleeps on. They are very soft and warm, and Poppy loves to hide herself underneath them and curl up asleep. But no, there was no chewy toy there either…

jute bags

Cotton Jute Bags are soft & Comfy

Poppy then trotted into the Showroom, where all the promotional products are lined up for customers to see, and she examined every bag and every cup … but no chewy toy could be found

dog looking into a mug

Poppy look inside the cup

It was going home time, and Poppy was called out to the car, where she jumped into her usual place carrying something in her mouth. She was very quiet on the journey, and the driver spent the entire journey wondering what she was up to.

It was TOO quiet…

promotional ice scraper

Poppy chews the ice scraper

Sure enough, when Poppy’s driver reached home, and opened the hatchback lid, there was naughty Poppy chewing a new toy.  Poppy had decided to choose one from the Showroom, and while no one was looking, she grabbed one of the plastic Promotional Ice Scrapers, branded with the www.everythingbranded.co.uk logo and ran off to the car with it….

Naughty Poppy!