What Would An England Win Mean For Business?

28th June 2018 in Branding Advice | Just for fun

What Would An England Win Mean For Business?

What would an England win mean for businesses?

And how can they best harness the effects?

As the performance of the England team in this 2018 World Cup sparks optimism amongst their supporters, we imagine the effects an England win would have on businesses. There is a well documented Winner’s honeymoon period following the completion of the World Cup with the typical stock index showing the winning country to outperform global indices by an estimated 3.5% in the following month.

This rise is attributed the growth in tourism and sales of sportswear with a significant increase in supporters’ fanaticism. Given that England have not won the World Cup for 52 years, the reaction to a 2018 win would be immense and surely result in a surge in sales for retail industries and pubs and bars. As well as heading to the local watering hole to celebrate, many fans will be looking to commemorate the occasion and purchase items that they can hold on to. This presents the ideal opportunity for business owners to bring in extra revenue with commemorative products.

Social Media will EXPLODE

If the England team become champions of the World Cup, all social platforms will be infected with tweets, posts and GIFs about the final. Individuals and businesses will be able to jump on the hot topic and join the conversation and celebrations!

At this time, promoting your business with World Cup products on Social Media will reap immense benefits for your company. Not only making sure your brand is present in the current conversations, but offering something that fans can enjoy in the wake of the success.

Are you prepared for an England win?

As England enter the second stage of the tournament, leaving reigning champions, Germany behind, could it really be coming home? If it is, you need to start preparing for the win! Football products and sportswear will be under high demand from supporters, make sure you have plenty to bring in the additional revenue during the business boom.

You can benefit further from having these products printed with your own business message or logo. As a result of this, consumers who purchase your commemorative product will have a very significant, positive association with your brand and the success of this World Cup.

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