Marketing your Valentine’s day promotional products using digital methods

5th January 2018 in Just for fun

Marketing your Valentine’s day promotional products using digital methods

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and is one of the most lucrative holidays to reach out and to engage with your customers and potential ones. Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest gift giving days of the year – did you know that on average a person spends £100 on Valentine’s gifts?

At the start of February you will start to see an increase of commercials about Valentine’s Day which marks the start of the marketing push. There are different ways of marketing Valentine’s Day products that are extremely effective. Over the years we have seen some incredible and effective TV ads and social media ad campaigns. We’ll take a look at using these media platforms and the role that promotional products have in this loved-up event.

The use of social media

The digital world is very powerful. Millions of people everyday use social media to communicate to friends, family members or even clients. People use social media to get up to date with the latest news around the world whilst they’re on the move.

Advertising on different social media platforms is extremely effective, you will see a selection of Valentine’s Day themed advertisements about the perfect gift for that special someone.  You will also see many companies advertising their promotional products on different social media applications, they do this so they can reach out to as many people as possible. Companies will also run Valentine’s Day giveaway competitions through Facebook.

The use of TV advertisement 

TV advertisement is a perfect way of reaching to new customers, an exciting and appealing ad will keep your targeted audience interested.

Major companies such as Waitrose, Tesco, Marks & Spencer and have annual Valentine’s advertisements that are displayed on public TV. Each company is in competition with each other and every single business wants the most revenue possible from this romantic holiday. The use of toys and holiday-related products will always accompany these marketing campaigns.

The use of radio

Did you know that in a single week the radio reaches more than 228 million people. This mass audience is perfect for broadcasting your Valentine’s Day promotional products. With advertising on the radio you’re reaching out a range of different people with a selection of interests. The use of printed products working with these different forms of media will enhance any marketing campaign.

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