The Adventures of Poppy the Office Dog

4th March 2015 in Just for fun

The Adventures of Poppy the Office Dog
poppy the office dog

Poppy the office Dog

This is Poppy, the office dog and she lives in a large building on the edge of Leicester City with offices and a big warehouse that looks out across the town. The building is called EverythingBranded Towers and is the home of the biggest promotional branding company in the East Midlands;

The adventure of the missing keys…

This is the first of many stories about Poppy, who spends her days getting up to as much mischief as she can. Today Poppy caused a terrible to-do, as the MD couldn’t find his car keys and needed to get to a very important meeting in Leicester City centre.

Paul, the MD was convinced that he put his keys on the floor under his office chair, but when he came back to his office after checking a huge delivery of bright orange promotional mugs and bright yellow yoyo’s, they had completely disappeared.  They shouldn’t be too hard to find thought Paul, as he started searching around his office, the keys were all attached to one of the executive satin steel keyrings that has a spinning silver disc in the centre, so it should be easy to see against the blue-grey carpet.

Paul hadn’t been able to resist taking one of the new executive keyrings, and had been amusing himself by seeing how fast he could spin the disc while he was speaking to the suppliers on the phone.  Paul suddenly realised that there was something else missing from the office and they might be related….. Poppy! Yes Promo Poppy was missing. She is usually asleep in her box, surrounded by the natural warm cotton of a big pile of EverythingBranded cotton bags.

The bags were all there, but no sign of Poppy…

Paul then decided that if he found Poppy, he would probably then also find his car keys. So the chase was on. He went next door into the Accounts office and searched while calling her name: “Poppppy!”  But there was no sign of her, or of the spinning disc keyring. She had to be here somewhere…

Paul turned back to the door and strode across the office to head for the warehouse to continue his search, but he was looking up and failed to see the naughty Poppy, who had grabbed one of the new yellow Yoyo’s, wrapped it around the table leg, and then stretched out the string, holding on to it with her teeth, to trip the MD up on his way to the door.

poppy with a yellow yoyo

Poppy sets a trap for the MD

Poor Paul was completely taken unawares, as he walked straight into the trap , caught his foot under the string and tripped headlong into Poppy’s cardboard box, landing in a heap of cotton branded shopping bags…
The shaken MD looked at his watch; the time of his meeting in Leicester was looming; he had to find that keyring!
He jumped up, only a little wobbly, and just caught sight of the villainous Poppy running across the hall with his keyring in her mouth. He was right. The culprit was now in sight and he took off at the run to head Poppy off at the warehouse.

Paul ran in one door, while Poppy ran in through the other.

Poppy and an orange mug

Poppy looks at Paul..

They faced each other across the warehouse, but the keyring had disappeared. Poppy eyed Paul, Paul eyed Poppy and he wondered whether to make a grab for her, or to distract her with a dog biscuit that was at the bottom of his pocket. They stared at each other across the new orange promotional mugs that had just arrived, and Paul noticed that one of them was in the middle of the floor, on its own, and Poppy was staring at it meaningfully.

There seemed to be something unusual in the cup.

poppy looks in a branded mug

Poppy peers into the orange mug

Poppy walked towards it slowly, while Paul, the MD inched his way across the warehouse getting closer to the promotional mug and the naughty puppy. Poppy had almost reached the orange mug, and was peering inside expectantly, almost as if there was something hiding inside it.

While Poppy was distracted, the MD crept up to the mug and Poppy and looked inside. His guess was right. Nestled inside were his car keys, attached to the executive chrome keyring with the spinning disc still spinning!
Paul picked up his keys and ran off to get to his meeting on time, while Poppy peered into the now empty orange mug sorrowfully and sighed a big doggy sigh….

Poppy and an orange mug

Poppy looks for the missing keys

Don’t worry Poppy, tomorrow is another day and we are sure you will be able to find another toy to play with in Branded Towers, and we look forward to hearing about your next adventure.