Record breaking pens

15th August 2016 in Just for fun

Record breaking pens

Make your promotional pens a talking point – here are some record breaking pensrecord

The pen clicking world record is a stunning 320 pen clicks in one minute! (Apologies if this sparks an office challenge to topple that number in what some find an irritating pastime!)
This was set by Evan Fitzpatrick Madden at his home in Temperance, Michigan on April 13, 2009.

Now there’s a talking point!

And here’s another:

The most pen spinning fingerpasses in one minute is 72. This world record was set by Mateusz Krzastek in Swidnik, Poland on March 28, 2015.

Fear not, there are more! Other mind boggling record breakers using pens found are:

Mason Axcell who balanced a spinning basketball on the tip of a pen held in his mouth for one minute, 6.68 seconds.
Devin Ehrich who blew a pen over from 648 inches away
And Raja Thapa who placed 138 pencils in his mouth at once
Olivia McCulloch wrote out all 26 letters of the English alphabet in 8.08 seconds
James Smith balanced a pen on his upper lip for 13 minutes, 17.40 seconds
Costas Schuler glued 10,000 pens to his Mercedes Benz

And the list goes on…

All staggering!

So that’s your proof that there’s more to the humble printed pen than first meets the eye!

YouTube and the Internet are buzzing with tutorials, tips and top tricks for pen spinning – from beginner to advanced! It may just be the added attraction for visitors to your stand at your next exhibition or trade show. Then, hey presto! hand over one of your very own branded pens and they walk away from a memorable exhibition stand with a pen printed with your name and logo to practice with. Arm yourself with some of these fascinating and wacky pen facts to capture your audience’s attention.

Set yourself another challenge – who can hand over the most branded pens to prospective, new and existing customers.

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