When promotional t-shirts go viral

5th July 2017 in Just for fun

When promotional t-shirts go viral

Promotional t-shirts – the ultimate success story

The dream of promotional products is they become so popular they end up as in-demand as the brand itself. The printed products become so sought-after people stop reviewing them as promotional products. The fact they are marketing materials is ignored. No product has achieved this as well as promotional t-shirts.

Although it’s only been achieved a handful of times, when it does work those brands are quick to take advantage of it.

Promotional T-Shirts EverythingBranded Taylor Swift

no its becky

Taylor Swift is the queen of perfect managed media appearances and stunts. It’s no surprise she took full advantage of an opportunity to use a printed t-shirt to her advantage.

After a joke Tumblr post featuring her did the rounds on the internet, Taylor jumped straight on board. The meme finished with the words ‘no its becky’. Just a few days later Taylor Swift was photographed wearing a yellow ‘no its becky’ t-shirt. She even mocked up a variant of her 1989 album cover with the t-shirt.

For the initial cost of one printed t-shirt she received praise for joining in with the meme and more than a few articles and blogs about the incident.

Nearly three years on the t-shirt is still available to buy.

Hard Rock Café

While some uses of the promotional t-shirt are opportunistic, others are a perfectly happy accident. According to their website, Hard Rock Café’s ‘world-famous t-shirts’ were originally a shift given to a local London football club. The extras were given back to the café and then were given away to customers.

They went down a storm. Word passed around and in the end the café had to set up a separate area just for selling the t-shirts. This all happened in 1974. Since then the restaurant chain has grown to have 168 Hard Rock Cafes, spanning 59 countries. Their promotional t-shirts have remained centre-stage the entire time.

Can you even name one of their songs?Promotional T-shirts EverythingBranded the ramones

It’s probably not the best idea to get into whether you should wear the t-shirt of a band you don’t know. Whatever side of that debate you fall on, it’s clear that on occasion, promotional t-shirts with band’s logos, album artwork or names on have become extremely popular.

Bands and artists such as The Ramones, Nirvana or RUN-D.M.C have become so famous they’ve gone from band to brand. Having fans and non-fans wearing their promotional t-shirts only enhances their brand.

These may be high profile examples of the success of promotional t-shirts, but they illustrate just how successful printed clothing can be to a marketing campaign. They offer the chance to be more creative than a lot of other promotional products allow.

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