A post tournament report – James wins first pool competition

5th December 2017 in Just for fun

A post tournament report – James wins first pool competition

The crowd hushed at the Leicester Crucible as Account Manager James lined up the final shot of the first-ever Charles Alexander Distribution pool tournament.

Nerveless, he sunk the black to resign graphic designer Dan to a respectable second place after the week-long tournament.

The pool tournament was a quick-fire one frame shoot-out. 16 people entered and a number of the early favourites suffered shock defeats. Leaving Sam and James, Dan and Mukesh to fight it out in the semi-finals.

Dan showed confidence and played excellently in the semi-finals, which secured his place in the final. Dan watched the other semi-final match to see who he would be up against and to learn their style of play.

James and Sam played out a tactical affair (really they just kept missing their shots), but Sam crumbled under the pressure of the crowd and James knocked home a simple black to head through to the final.

So the final had two surprising, but worthy, finalists. The match was neck and neck. The two finalists going blow for blow as reds and yellows flew into pockets. It was a tense and unforgettable tournament but the pressure got to Dan. A poor shot gave James two shots to finish his last yellow and the black. He made no mistake.

Runner-up Dan, said: “It was a good and a fair match but ultimately James was able to take home the tournament. I was pleased to get to the final and fly the flag for the design team.”

Tournament winner James, said: “I had a tough route to the final but I think I deserved the win. I am officially retiring from the sport. It can only go downhill from here so it feels good to call it quits while I’m on top of the world (the office).”