Poppy’s New Use for Promotional Jute Bags

23rd March 2015 in Just for fun

Poppy’s New Use for Promotional Jute Bags
Poppy the dog

Poppy wants to help

It was Monday morning and the team at EverythingBranded Towers were all hard at work unpacking hundreds of big brown boxes of promotional goodies that needed to be printed today for an express delivery going out later that afternoon. The radio was playing sing along tunes and everyone was happy.

Except Poppy….

As the office dog, she was always looking for new toys to play with, and try as she might, she just couldn’t get into the big new boxes. So she went looking for something really useful to do.

poppy the dog and toilet rolls

poppy finds the toilet rolls


She found a new delivery of a famous brand of toilet roll and remembered a TV advert she had seen last night and she had a good idea. The puppies on the TV had lots of fun with them, and no one was looking….




poppy shreds the toilet rolls

Poppy shreds the toilet rolls


Poppy pounced on a roll and as it started to roll away, she played a great game ripping it to shreds and was having great fun. The mess covered the office floor and a shriek from the hallway told her that she had been spotted and someone was coming.

Poppy finds a hiding place

poppy the dog hides in a bag

Poppy hides in the bag

She looked for somewhere to hide and saw one of the brand new promotional Jute bags hanging over the arms of an office chair. Perfect she thought!  Poppy dived inside and lay down in the bottom, trying to be as small and as quiet as possible. It worked! The EverythingBranded team called and called, but Poppy had disappeared from view and found a new use for promotional jute bags…

After a lovely long snooze

Poppy woke up and decided to peek out the top of the bag to see if the coast was clear. It wasn’t! The MD was standing, hands on hips, all ready to tell her off, when he started to laugh, Poppy looked so cute peeping out of the bag that he hadn’t the heart to tell her off, and decided to add another important use for these eco-friendly promotional bags…..

A doggy bed!