Poppy’s New Toy

14th March 2015 in Just for fun

Poppy’s New Toy

Poppy is the office dog at Everythingbranded Towers:

poppy the dog

Poppy the office dog


Today she nearly caused a major incident for the despatch department who were very busy with an order for 50,000 promotional pans for a very large Supermarket chain in the UK. The pens were all being counted into boxes of 50, so everyone had a handful of pens busily counting and no one had time to play with Poppy.

Poppy was bored…..

She looked around for something to play with and saw one of the pens lying on the floor. Poppy dived on it and spent 10 minutes playing a lovely game of flicking it with one paw, and watching it ping out and roll across the floor, then chasing it and pouncing on it again. It was brilliant fun.

poppy the dog with a pen

Poppy’s new toy

The warehouse crew had boxed up all the pens and were congregated around the last box of 50. The van was ready to roll and all the other pens were loaded but something was wrong.

One pen was missing

They had counted 49,999 pens and the last box was missing one final pen. They were searching around all the boxes, the tables, the loading bay, and the floor, but it wasn’t to be found. Just then one of them noticed that Poppy had been missing for w while and went off to find her to see if the two situations were related….

poppy the dog chewing a pen

Poppy was resting with her new toy

Poppy was now having a well-earned rest

Holding on firmly to her brand new toy in her mouth and you’ve guessed it, it was the missing pen! In the nick of time, with the driver revving the van impatiently, the last branded pen was polished up and slipped into the box, sealed and loaded onto the waiting van.

Poppy Jumped in the Van

Poppy the dog in a parcel van

Poppy jumped in the van

She was sure she could smell her new toy here somewhere….. But she was picked up and deposited on the ground just in time as the doors were slammed shut, and the Van set off to deliver its valuable cargo of promotional pens to one of our biggest customers.


Everything ended well


as one of the warehouse lads gave Poppy a bit of his chocolate biscuit, and a little cuddle. The crisis had been averted and Poppy had another busy adventure at EverythingBranded Towers and needed a very long snooze.