Poppy the Dog, Goes Viral…

14th April 2015 in Just for fun

Poppy the Dog, Goes Viral…

Poppy is the office dog here at www.everythingbranded.co.uk and she knows everything that happens at EverythingBranded Towers. She has been most indignant that a picture of a mere cat has captured the attention of the nation this week.



Its clearly obvious to Poppy that this cat is going UP the stairs and she wants to fly the flag for all dogs in the UK by sending out a picture that will rival this cheeky animal to a place in the viral annals of our social media channels.

So here is Poppy’s picture taken on the staircase standing up for all office dogs everywhere…

dog on the stairs



Can you tell if Poppy is going up, or down the stairs?  We certainly can’t and issue this challenge to the cat world: Dogs are people too!

We think that this could really affect the swingometer in the forthcoming General Election, since there are many thousands of British dog lovers who are hovering on the brink with their voting cards.

So to all dog lovers, please stand up for dogs and share this post. Poppy the dog goes viral: We can’t have those cats thinking that they rule this country can we…..

Vote Poppy!

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