Poppy finds a new use for Air Fresheners

9th April 2015 in Just for fun | Unique promotional products

Poppy finds a new use for Air Fresheners

Yesterday there was a strange smell in the office at EverythingBranded Towers and no one could work out where it was coming from. The usual places were all checked and were clean and fragrant, so what on earth was it? It seemed to be emanating from Poppy who decided to play ‘catch me if you can’ around the Showroom, hiding behind a display of pen pot money boxes.

branded pen pot money boxes

Poppy hides behind the pen pots


With a swift tactical pincer movement involving a Graphic Designer and a Sales Rep; the offending – or offensive – Poppy was captured. Phew!  She must have been rummaging in the dustbins and smelled of Fish and chips.

Not wanting to offend the noses of our customers, Poppy was placed straightaway into a sink full of water, and washed down with a sweet smelling bubble bath. She was very sorrowful…

Poppy gets a bath

Poppy gets a surprise bath

That’s much better Poppy, you smell lovely now, but just to make sure, she was placed in a big box of a 50,000 delivery of Air Fresheners for Glastonbudget, the Tribute Band Festival coming up in 6 weeks time in Wymeswold.

Poor Poppy was very sorry for herself but the office Karma was now restored.

Glastonbudget air freseners

Poppy smells sweeter


If you would like some freebie Glastonbudget Air Fresheners for your office or venue, or some branded Air Fresheners with your logo or company details, just give us a call  –Just in case you have a naughty office dog too…

www.everythingbranded.co.uk We are always here to help!

air fresheners

Promotional air fresheners