NADA. The small Leicester shop creating a BIG impact on how we shop!

29th November 2018 in Just for fun | Promotions

NADA. The small Leicester shop creating a BIG impact on how we shop!

In the idyllic St. Martin’s Square in Leicester City sits a small shop creating a BIG impact on how we shop. NADA is Leicester’s first and currently only zero waste, plastic free bulk store.

Leicester born owner Lauren Welch was inspired to create NADA after feelings of dissatisfaction with the limited options available for plastic free shopping. NADA was created to encourage a sustainable lifestyle; from soap metal and wooden straws, bamboo toothbrushes and cutlery, water bottles, cosmetics and razors – probably the last razor you’ll ever buy.

In its first 4 months, Lauren won the Sustainability Award at the Leicester Business Woman of the year awards.

In honour of our Blue Friday event we sat down with Lauren Welch and discussed Eco business marketing.

What inspired you to open NADA?

“I was inspired to open NADA by an American blog I stumbled across. It was about how to reduce your plastic waste and one way was to shop in ‘bulk bins’. I then realised that this way of shopping was not available anywhere near me. Following more research, I saw that one had just opened in London and Eat Food Love in Totnes. I was inspired! “

Do you consider the marketing of the brand NADA important in the growth of the business? Have you invested in any NADA branded, reusable products?

“I have NADA branded printed tote bags and am looking into cotton produce bags too. Customers really like the name and meaning of nothing. I’ve tried to keep things simple.”

What has been the best part of the NADA journey so far?

“The best part has been the response from the public and my customers. I crowdfunded in the beginning and so got a good response from that and got a feel that people were really ready for such a store in Leicester. Upon opening, I’ve had people thank me for opening a zero waste store. Customers taking part in Plastic free July rejoiced at having a range of different foods and cosmetics on offer without plastic.”

As an independent business obvious looking to grow, yet stay resourceful, did you encounter any issues when initially considering how to market and brand NADA?”

“I very reluctantly had fliers printed. I had a good following on social media but not everyone is on social media and I wanted to appeal to all not just the media savvy!”

Blue Friday at EverythingBranded

This Black Friday, we changed the tone and opted for something a little BLUER. We present the inaugural EverythingBranded BLUE FRIDAY EVENT!

Single-use plastics are a serious issue amongst the promotional products industry, contributing to immense amount of plastic waste in our oceans. Because of this, we have decided to take action and our Blue Friday sees us offer a discount on selected ECO RANGE products.

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Promoting the use of REUSABLE, RECYCLABLE and RECYCLED products.

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  • RECYCLABLE promotional products are ideal for one-off events, ensuring that any marketing collateral you have is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
  • RECYCLED printed products are manufactured from many materials such as recycled plastics and cotton. As a result of using inexpensive raw materials, the final products don’t cost the Earth!

EverythingBranded is determined to continue its expansion without losing sight of its environmental responsibilities. Check out our Blue Friday campaign details for your discount code today!

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