The Love Island Buzz – How can your business get involved?

26th July 2018 in Branding Advice | Just for fun

The Love Island Buzz – How can your business get involved?

Love Island is a reality show which takes 12 single participants to a fabulous villa in Majorca in an attempt to find love. The ITV show has been the success story of the summer, creating a huge buzz on and off screen.

This love reality television show draws huge numbers of viewers, on June 4th alone an incredible 3.4 million people tuned into the premiere of Love Island’s fourth series. Every Monday to Saturday at 9PM GMT this show is aired on ITV 2.

Its success is aided by continuous use of Social Media features such as hashtags, but also by utilising the medium of promotional products.

The Effects on Social Media

Everyday whilst this reality show is being aired on ITV, the hashtag #LoveIsland is the number one trend in the United Kingdom. Almost every evening, Twitter explodes with Love Island related tweets, with users across the United Kingdom engaging in real time conversation and interacting with other viewers. Whether you like the show or not, #LoveIsland floods our mobile screens each night for seven weeks. The result of this being, even if you’re not watching the show, you know what it is and what is going on.

Inspired Promotional Products

Each contestant has their very own personalised water bottle with there name printed along the side. These promotional bottles are shown a lot throughout the seven weeks of the show. Viewers and advocates of Love Island can buy their own personalised bottle featuring their name. These bottles are at a set price of £15.00, creating a significant amount of extra revenue for the show.

The ‘seen on TV’ promotional products are a great success and an extremely clever marketing strategy for ITV.  These high quality promotional bottles are a great investment for both individuals and business owners, enabling them to remain on trend and current in the Love Island frenzy.

How Your Business Can Get Involved  

Since millions of viewers tune into the show and engage with the show via Social Media, this is the perfect opportunity for your business to also engage and actively tweet during the show being aired on ITV.

By using the hashtag #LoveIsland you can tweet and post pictures of your own products such as your promotional bottles, sunglasses and bags.

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