How to decorate the office for Halloween

29th October 2018 in Branding Advice | Just for fun

How to decorate the office for Halloween

How to decorate the office for Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away which means it is time to get in to the spirt! You can accessorise your office with just a few tips and tricks. But make sure to follow this blog to achieve the most Spooktacular office this Halloween.

Halloween promotional products

One fun way in which you can scare up the office is through Halloween promotional products! have a couple. You could order some Ghost reflectors for your fellow employees or some Witch pencils for your special customers!

Halloween DIY decorations

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If you are fancying a bit of DIY you could create your own office graveyard! All you need is cotton wool and fake plastic spiders. Next, add the spiders to the wool and start spreading across the tops of computers, desks, chairs etc. Then, you are ready to enter your office graveyard.


Another way to decorate the office for Halloween is to create balloon pumpkins! All you will need is orange balloons and sweets. You will then need to fill the balloons with the sweets and blow them up. These can be hung from places around the office by using blue-tick. These pumpkin balloons will go down a treat!


Furthermore, you could create haunted Lantern lights. These are very simple to make but look amazing. Firstly, you will need a small set of battery lights and a clear bottle. All you need to do is place the lights in the bottle and turn them on. These would look great on office desk tops.


Also, you could create spooky spider webs. All you will need is plastic bags and scissors. All you need to do is cut out spider webs in the plastic bags, these don’t need to be precise as it adds to the scariness of them. Then you can then hang them around the office using Sellotape.


Mummy doors are always a great trick! The only things you will need for this are toilet paper and Sellotape. First you will need to find a door way in which you can attach the toilet paper to. Then it’s time to get creative and mummify the doorway with toilet paper!


Finally, another trick which you could use on all these DIY creations is fake blood. This is optional, but this is a great way of adding that extra thrill to the office!



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