History of the mug

14th November 2016 in Just for fun

History of the mug

History of the mugThe history of the mug

Over the next few weeks we thought it would be interesting to have a glance through the ages with a focus on some of the items we have printed for our customers. We’ll have a quick look through the history of the mug in this post.

The oldest mugs found dated back to the stone age. Archaeologists found mugs carved from bones in China and Japan. The bone mugs lacked handles and the material of choice swiftly moved onto wood.

The next advancement in the timeline of the mug was the invention of the potter’s wheel around 6,500BC – 3,000BC. The potter’s wheel made it easy to add the handy handle to the mug. Despite this the potter’s wheel was still an emerging technology and the clay mugs often had thick walls which made drinking difficult.

This is where metal mugs started becoming more relevant. By 2,000BC mugs made of gold, silver, bronze and lead (in hindsight lead probably wasn’t the greatest idea!) became popular. The only downside of this was that hot drinks were difficult to drink due to their heat.

Fast forward a The history of the mugfair few centuries and we’re back in China for the new era of thin-walled mugs, suitable for both hold and hot liquids. This was brought forward with the invention of porcelain in 600CE.

After the invention of porcelain, shapes and styles may have changed but the general purpose of the humble mug has stayed pretty much the same.

As you can imagine, the promotional products industry wasn’t the first to put designs and patterns on mugs. A decorated clay mug from 4000-5000BC was found in Greece.

A new type of mug

The last big development in the history of the mug was as recent as the 1980s. The travel mug was introduced with the both the number of cars on the road and the number of people commuting for work increasingly.

Since being introduced thirty-five years ago, travel mugs have become increasingly popular, both in everyday use and as a promotional product.

We’ve come to the end of our swift jaunt through the history of the mug. If you’d like to market your company with this historic product, give our sales staff a call on 0116 3660052. You can also head to our homepage and find the perfect product for you.