History of the bag

12th December 2016 in Just for fun

History of the bag

The history of the bagelizabeth_i_armada_portrait

Bags are one of the pillars of the promotional industry. We’ve been looking at the history of some of our more popular products, so it’s now time to look at the history of the bag. We have also written about the history of the mug, pen and calendar.

A long-long time ago…

One of the first bits of evidence we have of bags being used are Egyptian hieroglyphics showing men with purse-like pouches tied around the waist.

We had our first celebrity (OK, might be pushing it there) endorsement of a bag as Judas Iscariot worse a purse, which I imagine housed the thirty pieces of silver which he got from betraying Jesus.

In early rural societies, people used bags and sacks to haul their seeds and crops around.

Moving forward through history

Our next stop in this glance through time at the history of the bag is in the late middle ages into the Elizabethan era. Bags always were and are a fairly simple product. There didn’t need to be an invention like the potter’s wheel to make the bag more practical.

Bags were becoming more popular and were soon linked with wealth and social status. In the 14th century an individual’s social standing could be measured by how extravagantly decorated they are.

We have just looked at how EverythingBranded can help your wedding planning out, it turns out we could have helped a medieval wedding out just as well. A common wedding gift from the groom to the bride with a decorated pouch.

Into the Elizabethan era women’s skirts got large and men’s clothes got fancy. Clothes designs started to incorporate bags within them. Women and men both wore different forms of bags in their petticoats and breeches respectively.

On the poorer side of society, travellers and peasants wore cloth bags across the body.

Into the Georgian and Victorian eras

We’re moving swiftly through the history of the bag. The large skirts from the previous era went out of style leaving the need for an external bag once again.

The advancement in technology allowed bags to be made of different types of fabrics and in different styles. Handbags got increasing intricate and the introduction of train travel meant further development of luggage bags.

1900s and beyondhistory of the bag

As with most things in the 1900s, the history of the bag was shaped by the two world wars. The new uses of wood and plastic created different shapes and sizes for all types of bag. Bags became bigger, sturdier and more angular. The wars developed techniques using wood and plastic which was used in all forms of the bag.

The style of bags followed art movements such as Art Deco and an Egyptian theme came to prominence after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1923.

The mid-1900s saw the emergence of design houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

The public’s consciousness about health and fitness in the last few decades has also seen the popularity of sports bags.

And to now

We’ve come to the end of our quick look through the history of the bag. We’ve looked at a few different styles of bags, including a focus on handbags.

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