Halloween Night – A Short Story

31st October 2018 in Just for fun

Halloween Night – A Short Story

Halloween Night – In the Graveyard

On the night of Halloween, two friends decided to go to a graveyard. The two boys ran freely with adrenaline racing high. They played in the grounds and told each other frightful stories. Before they realised the time, the clock struck twelve. The church bells rang loud. The two boys, startled, decided to return home.

They started to walk towards the main entrance before realising the gates were locked. Confused, the boys walked round the grounds to try the side gate. Also locked. The two boys stood frightened and unsure of what to do. Why are they locked in? No one was around? The gate keeper would have seen them?

Suddenly, the lights flickered from inside the church and a dark shadow passed the window. The two scared boys looked at each other, worried, but hopeful that it was the gate keeper. They agreed to have a look inside the church. As they walked over, the church door mysteriously opened. No one there. Hesitantly, the boys decided to proceed. As they walked through one of the boy’s shouted “hello?” in a trembling voice. No one answered. The lights flickered again and door slammed shut. Screaming, the boyhells ran further in to the church.

A dark figure scattered around, getting closer to them. The boys ran further in to the back of the church. They both looked up. Before them, they could see writing on the wall. “What’s that?” said one the boys. His shaken friend replied, “It looks like numbers, 7734?”. The other boy stood frozen for a second as he realised what it was. “That’s not numbers… read it upside down” he replied. Both boys looked at each other in fear as a wicked voice screamed from the dark figure, that was now right behind them “HELL!”.

The two boys were never seen again after that night.


If you are planning on going to a graveyard tonight, you have been warned. You may want to leave before 12’0clock… unless you want to disappear forever!

Happy Halloween from EverythingBranded! : )

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