Griffin Fit Discusses why we need Fitness in the Workplace

28th January 2019 in Just for fun

Griffin Fit Discusses why we need Fitness in the Workplace

When we think about our workplace, fitness is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.

However, encouraging fitness in the workplace is actually extremely beneficial for employers. We often hear of large businesses like Amazon or Apple who can afford to invest in build in-house gyms for their employees. While this may be the ideal solution to encouraging workplace fitness, it’s hardly realistic for most companies.

There are very simple ways to promote workplace fitness, such as encouraging walking meetings, or setting up a lunch time Yoga class. You could set up a company sports team, or encourage staff to commit to taking part in a charity fitness challenge.

Companies are now beginning to see the link between fitness and employees performance. Because of this, we are now seeing the raise in company personal trainers who are experienced in running onsite fitness classes for groups of staff.

EverythingBranded sat down with Lizzie Griffin, owner of Griffin Fit gym and company personal trainer to discuss the importance of fitness in the workplace.

Lizzie Griffin, owner of Griffin Fit gym located in Leicester

EverythingBranded: Many employers see their duty of care to staff extend no further than their desk. Employee fitness and health is often viewed as an “out of office” matter, one not relevant to the workplace. What are your thoughts on this?

Lizzie: It’s a tough question because for decades businesses didn’t recognise that investing in their staff could actually benefit them as employers. However, the term “If you look after your staff, they look after your business” is finally starting to resonate with businesses now.

Staff become the face of the employer’s company and work closely with the customers. If staff are happy at work, this will be reflected in their work performance which in turn will improve customer service experience.

EverythingBranded: How can exercise improve a workplace?

Lizzie: Exercise can massively improve a workplace. The benefits from being healthy and active are endless but here are a few workplace related ones:

  • Exercise can help with staff moral as well as being a great form of team building. The happier the staff are, the better retention rate the employer will have.
  • Staff production vastly improves as employees are more alert and engaged, less stressed and feeling good about themselves. The effect fitness has on metal health is astounding!
  • Staff become healthier resulting in less sick days, which ultimately impacts employers with their turnover and profits.

EverythingBranded: For a company looking to introduce exercise into their workforce, how would you suggest they go about this?

Lizzie Griffin hosting an onsite class with EverythingBranded

Lizzie: If you are looking to introduce exercise in the workplace, firstly, find out what sort of exercise your staff would be interested in doing.

Timings depend on the company, an early morning class before the start of the day has its benefits if the workplace has showers to accommodate. Lunch times are also a good time, so possibly an extended lunch could be brought in. However, after work is the more popular time for Griffin Fit.

Griffin Fit offer group training sessions in the workplace. I had fantastic feedback from the staff at EverythingBranded when I did their after work training sessions.

If you would like to discuss any training in the workplace then please email me at [email protected]

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