Good Morning, Britain! Paul’s On Breakfast TV Ahead Of Channel 4 Show

8th August 2019 in Just for fun | News

Good Morning, Britain! Paul’s On Breakfast TV Ahead Of Channel 4 Show

If the media coverage around Paul’s TV debut on ‘The Secret Teacher’ tonight (Channel 4, 9.00pm) wasn’t hectic enough, this morning it went to the next level. The EverythingBranded CEO and founder was a guest on Good Morning Britain, where he spoke with presenters Kate Garraway, Sean Fletcher and Adil Ray about his experiences on the TV show, where Paul goes undercover at Haileybury Turnford School in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, to give failing students a helping hand and offer a select few the chance of a lifetime.

Early start
The interview, which was recorded live, went out at 6.45am, meaning friends, family and EverythingBranded staff were able to watch while they ate their breakfast. But for Paul, it meant a trek down to London the previous afternoon and an incredibly early start on Thursday morning.

The interview
In the GMB interview, Paul appeared with Loui, one of the students he helped, and spoke fondly of his time at the school. He was quick to praise the hard work and dedication of the teaching and support staff, who had to do their jobs despite a lack of resources and funding. He also gave an insight into his own school experiences, which he admitted he didn’t enjoy, leaving with one GCSE.


Loui also spoke about his first impressions of Paul when he arrived at the school, the mentoring Paul gave, and how it felt when he discovered Paul’s true identity and reason for being there. It was an enjoyable watch, and gave viewers an insight into what they can expect on the TV show tonight.

What to expect
The four-part Channel 4 show takes four successful business leaders, all of whom struggled at school, and put them back in an educational environment. Posing as a support teacher, Paul has to tackle the nerves that come with stepping into a classroom full of potentially testing teenagers while trying to come across as a believable support teacher. All the while, he’s identifying which students he wants to help before revealing his true identity.

The Secret Teacher is going to be the ultimate feel-good TV, and highlights the huge rewards that come from believing in pupils’ potential.

When it’s on
So don’t miss out – watch Paul in ‘The Secret Teacher’ on Thursday, August 8 at 9pm, or keep up-to-date with the news using #secretteacher on social media. To see more of Paul, check out his YouTube channel.