Five top tips for surviving freshers’ week

2nd August 2017 in Just for fun

Five top tips for surviving freshers’ week

Five top tips for surviving freshers week

Freshers’ week is a weird thing when you really think about it. Up and down the country, thousands of teenagers are dropped off by their parents and left, often for the first time. For a lot of freshers, it’s the first time they’ll have lived with anyone else but their family. The majority of students will be new to the city too. And then there is the famous social part of Freshers’ week, too.

Here are some of our top tips during your first few weeks as a fresher.

Breaking the ice

You’ve already said a cautious ‘hi’ to your new flatmates when you’re unpacking, but your parents have gone and it’s now just you and a bunch of strangers in a hose together. It’s a weird experience for anyone. You’re going to be living with these people for at least a year, so it’s best to get the ice broken nice and early.

Loughborough University suggested these three handy tips as good ways to get to know your flatmates.

– Take a walk around campus together

– Plan (or go out for) a meal

– Try a taster session together

Finding your way around town

I got lost wandering around the city on my second day at university. All I’d done is walked into town to see what my new home at to offer. It then started raining. I’d only planned to pop out for a couple of minutes so I left my phone back at the flat. In the end, it took me a good 45 minutes to retrace my steps and find my way back.

Anyway, moral of the story is make sure you know where you’re going. And take your phone with you, just in case.

Remember the essentials.

We’re talking about the essentials to living as a student. Find out where your closest (and probably cheapest!) supermarket is. Find the best taxi company for your nights out. The best pub for pre-drinking and the best pub to watch the football were two different pubs for me.

Learning life’s basics

I’ve now released that when I was growing up I had it fairly with chores. Sure, I had to take the bin out and clean out the pets, but my pots were always clean and my clothes were always washed. Boy did that change when I went to university.

Turns out it takes a bit of time and effort to keep those things clean and tidy! Learning how to wash my clothes without shrinking or dying them is a pretty good thing to know in life. How to cook meat without killing yourself is a piece of knowledge you could do with too. Unfortunately, your family aren’t in shouting distance any more – and you might not want to ask your flatmates some of the questions.

It’s not all about alcohol

Freshers’ week can be quite a daunting experience for some students, especially those who aren’t keen drinkers. It’s not all about clubbing, there are still many society and sports fairs during the week, as well as plenty of events and themed evenings going on around town and campus.

The vast majority of university-going students are understanding people when it comes to the nights out. The likelihood is that they’ll more than understand if you don’t drink or head home from a night out early.