Festival of Winter Walks – Get out and about this winter

17th November 2016 in Just for fun

Festival of Winter Walks – Get out and about this winter

Festival of Winter Walks – Get out and about this winter

The festival of winter walks takes place through December and into January. The open event gives people a chance to get out in nature. To see the stunning landscapes of a British winter.

The event has been running for over 25 years and was organised by The Ramblers, a walking charity which protects popular rambling routes in the UK.

The event runs from Saturday December 17, 2016 to Sunday January 8, 2017. The three-week-long event will include group walks, health walks and routes. A full programme will be released closer to the date.

If you’re not free to get involved in any of the planned events, The Ramblers also encourage people to get and about whenever they can.

You could be a charity who wants to support the walking movement or even business who wants to get their employees up and active, or even just an individual looking to get their friends and family to go with you on your weekly walk, we have a great range of products available to you.

Products for the festival of winter walksfestival of winter walks

A big part of the event takes place in the Yorkshire Moors, but even if you are strolling the street of your town, a rucksack or a backpack is a must have item. We have a great range of promotional rucksacks available. These are ready to be printed with your chosen artwork.

Promotional rucksacks come in all shapes and sizes so hopefully we’ll have just the product you’re looking for.

With the wintry conditions, hiking around the Moors, Peak District or Lake District could be slightly precarious. Make sure you and your group are very equipped with some of the branded walking sticks we have available. With comfortable straps and grips, the promotional walking sticks can be a worthwhile marketing product for the right person.

It’s important to hydrate when you’re walking. This is where our vast range of promotional sports bottles can help you out. The low-cost promotional sports bottles are a great addition to your rambling party.

Festival of Winter Walks offers a chance to get active in a fun and friendly way. It encourages everyone to get out in the open and see the sights and sounds of England in at a time usually reserved for soup, blanket and a hot water bottle. For more information about the event head to The Ramblers’ website.

For more information on the products we have mentioned head to our homepage. You can also give us a call on 0116 3660052.