Dogs in the Office: Is it Pawsible?

26th April 2018 in Just for fun

Dogs in the Office: Is it Pawsible?

Whether or not our canine companions should be allowed into the workplace is a debate that’s been touched upon many times before. Here at, the home of promotional products, it is an aspect of the working environment that we feel is important to our company culture. With an office dedicated to making sure that our employees are happy as they work, allowing some furry friends into the space is a welcome addition.

It’s scientifically proven that wagging tails and wet noses provide a bit of humour, a boost of morale and a lot of stress relief in the workplace.

One of the biggest benefits of having dogs in the work place is that you will see happier and healthier employees. We all know that sitting down in a chair 9-5 is extremely unhealthy and it can affect our overall health. Having dogs in the workplace is good because it gives the employees the initiative to get up and have frequent walks with the dogs. Walking around for a few minutes throughout the day will promote a healthier lifestyle.

Normally, people think that dogs create too many distractions in the workplace and decrease work productivity. In fact, that’s not actually true, employers that allow dogs in the workplace reduce employee absenteeism and brings in more of a productive working environment.

Dogs at

Here at the office we have two regular furry visitors, Arthur and Poppy. They’re loyal to their owner Paul Rowlett, CEO and founder of, “My wife and I are dog lovers, so we welcomed them into our working environment, so they can make new friends. A fun and friendly working environment is something that we are very passionate about and allowing dogs into the workplace certainly contributes to that.” Promotional Pet Products offer a wide range of promotional products, including a range of pet products, from dog biscuits and dog bowls, to dog leads, that are all ready to be branded with your company logo or message.

With an in-house design team that can provide unlimited free visuals, your promotional pet product will be printed to your specific requirements.

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