What Would A Digital Detox Mean For Marketing?

2nd July 2018 in Just for fun

What Would A Digital Detox Mean For Marketing?

The growth of digital over the past few years has been astronomical, with a very small minority of the population not owning their own smart phone or alternate smart device, nearly everyone is online.

As a result of this surge, marketing and advertising has had to evolve to become more and more digital as well, with many believing that this is the only form of marketing communication that remains effective.

However, as more and more people become aware of the consequences of an incredibly digital world, more are making a conscious effort to avoid the devices that draw them in to the world of Social Media, Search Engines and Pop-up Advertising. As people are flooded with messages from thousands competing for their custom, they are turning to a Digital Detox to avoid the onslaught of mass advertising and take a moment to engage in the physical world.

With this is mind, should we be prepared for a Digital Detox?

If the majorities suddenly decide to unplug and abandon their Digital Devices, where will that leave marketing?

For all companies that depend solely on the Digital Marketing strategy, this could be heavily detrimental to their brands. The importance of physical print marketing methods is therefore something that comes in to play. Promotional products, as a marketing tool, is still a very relevant and efficient form of marketing, that does not involve being glued to a Digital Device. For all those who may be ditching their devices, these products are still able to reach them.

Having a well-rounded marketing campaign, what marketers call a 360 campaign, involves having marketing tools that are available to consumers at every touch point, including physical touch!

Where many consumers will be exposed your brand when they scroll through their timelines, on TV or receive an E-mail, it is important to know that many still enjoy receiving a physical item and often will better recollect your brand as a result. With an average of 97% of consumers recalling the brand that they saw featured on a mug, your marketing campaign can still be as effective for those who are on a Digital Detox.

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